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Chocolates & Box Sizes

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"Chocolate". The very name inspires thoughts of pleasure, temptation luxury. It's a food that can transform into a

 delicious art form both on the plate and on your tongue.

 Below is the Obsession Chocolate Collection featuring deliciousness made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives and delicate artistry you can only find here.  


Obsession is proud to offer products that are made without any preservatives. Because of this, we recommend you keep our chocolates in the fridge until you are ready to consume them. 

When you are ready to indulge, they are best enjoyed at room temp. 

Our chocolates also freeze very well. Just make sure they are in a Ziploc bag before popping them in the freezer. Then allow them to thaw in the fridge for 6hrs to avoid any condensation due to the temperature change.

Have any other questions? Email us at


***Please note our products are made in a small facility where we cannot guarantee that they have not come in contact with nuts.***

 Obsession Box Sizes:


$2.00 each

2pc box: $4.00

4pc box: $8

5pc clear top box: $10.00

 12pc box: $24.00

24pc box: $48.00

50pc box: $85.00

Obsession Initial Box $25.75

Boxes with 100 pieces receive your choice of specialized packaging.  

Boxes are made up in the classic black Obsession box and tide with our signature red wine ribbon. 

Filled Chocolates

(bon bon)

Click on the picture to learn about each flavour.

The Truffles



Brown Butter Walnut
Brown butter rippled into a milk chocolate ganache and toasted dipped in white chocolate and topped with walnut pieces

~contains white chocolate, milk chocolate, cream, butter, ground walnuts, glucose~

 Chai Spice
Chai tea-infused dark chocolate ganache that is dipped in dark chocolate and rolled cocoa powder and a hint of copper dust

~contains dark chocolate, cream, butter, glucose, chai tea, cocoa powder~

A rich hazelnut and milk chocolate ganache that is dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in toasted hazelnuts

~contains milk chocolate, hazelnut gianduja, cream, cocoa butter, chopped hazelnuts~

Raspberry puree is gently folded into a dark chocolate ganache then dipped in dark chocolate and topped with raspberry dust.

~ contains dark chocolate, cream, raspberry puree, glucose, butter, dehydrated raspberry powder~
Smooth milk chocolate ganache with just the right amount of Bailey's liqueur, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in milk chocolate shavings.

~ contains milk chocolate, cream, Bailey's liqueur, glucose, butter~ 

 Dark Obsession
If you like dark chocolate this is the truffle for you! Beautifully smooth and simple dark chocolate ganache dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in dark shavings. You can truly experience the beauty of chocolate in all it's glory.

~contains dark chocolate, cream, glucose, butter~

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