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Easter 2020


Thank you so much chocolate lovers for being so incredible!

Our shop is now sold out but will be back with more stock April 17th.

Take care, stay safe, and we'll see you then!

geode egg 2.jpg

2020 Signature Egg "Geode"

This Easter, choose to indulge in quality with Obsession Handmade Chocolates' full line of Faberge Eggs, large and small bunnies, delicious handmade cream eggs, and our oh so cute Sheeps & Cheeps collection. Made locally using only Belgian couverture chocolate and fresh ingredients, it is the only place that comes Easter Bunny recommended.

pearl egg redo 2.jpg

Our one of a kind chocolate Faberge Eggs are filled with 10 artisan chocolates and are an incredible show stopper that no one will forget.

Available in  Pearl, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, and our 2020 signature design.

*While Quantities Last*

SOLD OUT $36.00 each      Signature 2020 Egg "Geode" $36.00

single bunny milk.jpg

Small Bunny

Double dipped bunny in milk or dark chocolate.

SOLD OUT   $5.00

egg 2 pack.jpg

Obsession Cream Eggs 2pc

One milk and one dark chocolate egg filled with a sweet cream filling.

SOLD OUT   $7.50

sheeps and cheeps.jpg

Sheeps & Cheeps

These oh so cute sheep are filled with a delicious cookies & cream filling while the little chicks are silky smooth lemon creams.

6pc Box $10.00

new bunny one to use.jpg

Large Bunny

Double dipped bunny in milk or dark chocolate.


easter pack.jpg

Bunny Box

One small milk chocolate bunny paired with one milk and one dark Obsession Cream Eggs

SOLD OUT $12.50

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